To inspire conservation through hands on education.   




To be the spark that ignites the next generation to protect wildlife and wild places.  




Conservation of wildlife and wild places is our biggest passion. We conserve Florida’s native wildlife by removing invasive species from South Florida and we are starting breeding programs for some endangered, threatened, and at risk animals from around the world.


Education is another key ingredient to conservation. We travel throughout Florida spreading our passion for conservation. We teach people of all ages, from all walks of life about the importance of animals and habitats and how it’s our job to protect the natural world around us. 


Sanctuary is our final key ingredient. We are building a facility where all animals can come and enjoy their entire lives with plenty of food, enrichment, and space. We strive to create a peaceful, clean, and natural atmosphere for our ambassador animals living with us.      


Amazing Animals Inc.

4235 Rambler Ave.

St. Cloud, FL 34772


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