Amazing Animals Inc. was established in 2009 as a federally licensed 501(c)3, to help raise funds to offset the cost of the many reptiles the founder was saving. We wanted to share our knowledge and passion for the animals that we loved and cared for. We started out with about 30 reptiles in our central Florida home. For 5 years we were educating throughout the community in schools, nursing homes, daycares and at birthday parties spreading conservation messages and raising money to care for the reptiles. One day we receive a call to take in 5 birds. That day we became a bird and reptile rescue.


In 2014 we outgrew our little home in a neighborhood and we moved to a 2.5 acre facility in Saint Cloud, Florida. We wanted to take on the growing need for a sanctuary with exotic mammal experience and space. There we started building big exhibits for bigger animals. Mammals started coming in and we were ready to give them a home. We started taking in foxes, monkeys, kinkajous, bobcats, and many more.


Today we are home to over 100 exotic rescued animals and we reach over 100,000 annually people at the sanctuary and within the community.



Amazing Animals Inc.

4235 Rambler Ave.

St. Cloud, FL 34772


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